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Our sustainably caught North Sea lobsters are what we pride ourselves on. The rocky seabed surrounding Dunbar’s rugged coastline is an ideal environment meaning that the lobster has become a vital catch for the local fishing fleet.

All of our lobsters are available ‘straight from the deck’ as we return to Dunbar’s Victoria Harbour or can be stored in our chilled sea-water storage tank. This Innovative technology ensures that our lobsters are kept at an optimal temperature and have a regular supply of oxygenated water. This means our customers can expect our produce to be as fresh as when it left the sea.

Each lobster is roughly 0.5kg.

Information on the humane preparation of crustaceans outlined by the RSPCA can be found here.

We encourage customers to use the form below or to contact us on our social media channels to enquire about our latest catch availability.

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